Bucket List Locations


  1. Molly Pitcher's Grave/Old Graveyard--S. Bedford & E. South Streets
  2. Seve-N-Dots Publik Pizza--40 E. South
    George's Pizza--121 W. High
  3. Bosler Library--158 W. High
  4. First Block of West Pomfret
  5. Old Courthouse--1 S. Courthouse 
  6. Carlisle Theatre--40 W. High
  7. Yak N Yeti II--49 W. High
  8. St. John's Episcopal Church--1 N. Hanover
  9. Spoons Cafe--57 W. High
  10. Taqueria Laurita--150 W. High
    Dona Eli's Mexican Cuisine--204 N. Hanover
  11. Helena's Chocolate Cafe and Creperie--36 W. High
  12. The Pie Haus--46 W. High
  13. Grazery--156 W. High
  14. Georgie Lou's Retro Candy--56 W. High
  15. Earth Artisan & Outfitter--37 Chapel
    the clothesVine--134 W. High
    Whistlestop Bookshop--129 W. High
  16. The Hamilton Restaurant--55 W. High
  17. Cumberland County Historical Society--21 N. Pitt
  18. No Common Scents--15 N. Hanover
  19. Various Locations
  20. Cafe Bruges--16 N. Pitt
  21. Farmer's Market on the Square--2 N. Hanover
  22. Molly Pitcher Brewing Co--139 W. High
    Brick Kitchen & Bar--113 W. High
  23. Timewalker Tours--48 W. High
  24. Castlerigg Wine Shop--110 S. Hanover
  25. Miss Ruth's Time Bomb--24 N. Hanover
    Civil Eyes'd Optical--118 N. Hanover
  26. Streets of Downtown
  27. Various Locations
  28. Salvation Army--20 E. Pomfret
    Safe Harbor--102 W. High
    Carlisle Family Life--155 N. Hanover
  29. Grand Illusion Hard Cider--26 W. High
  30. Various Locations
  31. Boutique on Pomfret--16 W. High
    the clothesVine--134 W. High
    the greatest gift--117 N. Hanover
    Marjorie's Gems--44 S. Hanover
  32. Create-A-Palooza--11 E. High
    The Fabric Center--41 W. Pomfret
  33. Veteran's Courtyard
  34. Various Locations
  35. Issei Noodle--54 W. High
    Carlisle Thai Cuisine--141 W. High
  36. First Presbyterian Church--2 N. Hanover
  37. Square Bean Coffee--25 W. High
  38. C-Luv Thrift--20 N. Hanover
  39. Mary Williams Photography--117 W. High
  40. CALC--38 W. Pomfret
    Garden Gallery--10 N. Hanover
  41. Camellia's Sin Tea Parlor--36 W. High
  42. Various Locations
  43. Pomfret Street Books--21 E. Pomfret
    Whistlestop Bookshop--129 W. High
  44. The Green Door--14 E. North
  45. Alibis Eatery & Spirits--10 N. Pitt
    North Hanover Grille--37 N. Hanover
  46. Tutto Event Venue & Boutique--14 W. Louther
  47. Carlisle Theatre--40 W. High
  48. Carlisle Financial Group--35 E. High
  49. The Jewels of India--26 N. Hanover
    Mt. Fuji--149 N. Hanover
  50. Redd's Smokehouse BBQ--109 N. Hanover
  51. Yoga at Simply Well--28 S. Pitt
    Carlisle Kung Fu Center--40 N. Hanover
    Athena Warrior Fitness--36 S. Pitt
  52. Market Cross Pub & Brewery--113 N. Hanover
  53. Gilded Door Oil & Vinegar Tap Room--9 E. High
  54. Dickinson Academic Quad--3rd Block of West High
  55. Mummerts Chocolate--21 W. High
    Exquisite Chocolates--35 S. Hanover
    Georgie Lou's Retro Candy--56 W. High
  56. Feathers in the Nest--61 Chapel
    Kindred Kaboodle--5 N. Hanover
  57. Bedford Street Antiques--44 N. Bedford
    Dave's Vintage Vault Shop--152 N. Hanover
  58. Jim Thorpe Memorial--Veteran's Courtyard